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Welcome to our vibrant world of memecoins! We are a passionate group of enthusiasts who believe in the power of humor and community in the crypto space. Our journey began with a clear mission: to create a memecoin that brings joy, laughter, and support to fellow Binance Smart Chain enthusiasts while standing in solidarity against the SEC's actions targeting the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange.

At our core, we embrace the spirit of fun and lightheartedness that memecoins bring. We understand the importance of creating a positive and inclusive environment where everyone can participate and enjoy the thrill of decentralized finance. By leveraging the Binance Smart Chain platform, we provide a seamless and efficient experience for our users, ensuring fast and secure transactions.

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Our CZ Killer Mission

But it's not just about the laughs and memes; we are here to make a statement. Our memecoin is our way of expressing our unwavering support for Binance and showcasing our stance against the regulatory challenges faced by the crypto industry. We firmly believe in the transformative potential of cryptocurrencies and their ability to empower individuals worldwide.

Join us on this exciting journey as we embrace the fun side of the crypto world, while staying committed to the values of decentralization, innovation, and freedom. Together, we can create a thriving community that fosters laughter, resilience, and a shared vision for a future powered by cryptocurrencies.

Come aboard and let's make memecoins great again!

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CZ Killer Platform

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) platforms have revolutionized the financial sector by introducing a new paradigm of open access, transparency, and user control. These platforms are built on blockchain and offer a range of significant benefits

Main Features

Strong Points

Our success is driven by our strengths, which make us unstoppable, resilient, and capable of achieving extraordinary results.


Finding intelligent and optimized ways of doing things


Our contract based on IERC20, already comes with audited SAFU


process of empowering individuals or groups to take control over their lives


Our dedicated team is committed to developing innovative and advanced solutions that provide an exceptional experience for our users


Our team is immersed in the crypto environment and keeps up-to-date with the latest trends, regulations and technological advances


We recognize the importance of allocating adequate financial and human resources to ensure continuous development, platform enhancement and achievement of our goals

Token Info


Stay updated on token information and join the CZ Killer community on its journey towards success and support for Binance Smart Chain.

Token Plataform Binance Smart Chain
Token Name: CZ KILLER
Token Simbol: KILLER
Max. Supply: 100,000,000,000
Contract: 0x63ad9f8a5111e4c9dae0b1ad2868bd159bac3556
Launch Stage On PancakeSwap
Contract Audit Verified ✅
Contract SAFU Verified ✅
Buy/Sell Fees: 5% Marketing 5% BNB Rewards
Emission Rate: No period

Our Marketing

We are thrilled to expand our presence and engagement in various countries around the world. Our goal is to build a vibrant and inclusive global community.


Cz Killer Roadmap

The roadmap is a strategic representation of the goals and milestones that a company aims to achieve over time. It is a detailed plan that guides actions and tracks the progress of the project, setting priorities and deadlines. The roadmap is an essential tool for communicating the vision and path to be taken by the organization, allowing all stakeholders to have clarity on the development stages.

Launch Phase:

During this phase, the main focus will be on the launch of the CZ Killer project. Final preparations will be made, including the creation of the token, platform launch, and initial distribution of the token to investors and enthusiasts.

Platform Enhancement:

Our goal is to continuously improve the CZ Killer platform based on community feedback and market needs. Regular updates will be made to enhance the user experience, add new features, and ensure platform security and efficiency.

Partner Integration:

We intend to collaborate with other projects and companies in the crypto ecosystem. We will seek strategic partnerships to integrate complementary services into the CZ Killer platform, offering users a more comprehensive experience and a wider range of financial services.

Ecosystem Expansion:

In this final phase of the roadmap, we will explore opportunities to expand the CZ Killer ecosystem. This may involve launching new products or services, such as mobile applications, digital wallets, lending or investment solutions, to meet the growing demands of users and further strengthen our position in the market.


Our Blog

Relevant matters relating to the dispute between Binance and the SEC. We will review the latest news and developments around this issue, providing up-to-date information and perspectives for those interested in better understanding the impact of this dispute on the cryptocurrency market

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